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Gold Plunges Nearly 1.5%


The improvement of market sentiment puts pressure on safe haven assets.

The beginning of the final week of March looks much compared to the end of the previous one, when the cost of insuring Deutsche Bank’s debt against the risk of default surged to the highest on record on Friday.Today, however, the moods improved, mostly thanks to the final sale of Silicon Valley Bank, which may probably end the topic of instability of the banking sector. Additionally, the FDIC will continue to participate in the takeover of SVB by First Citizens.

In Europe, investors were worried that Deutsche Bank could be another bank which faces serious problems, but it is worth remembering that recent years have brought a significant improvement in the bank’s situation. Firstly – Deutsche recorded 10 quarters of profitability, secondly, the CET1 index, which shows the bank’s solvency, amounted to 13.4% (although it is still lower than the average for EU countries). On the other hand, the bank’s coverage ratio was 142% at the end of 2022, and the net stable funding ratio reached 119%. These data do not suggest that the bank may collapse quickly.

Therefore, the moods are improving significantly – we are observing a solid rise of US yields, which puts pressure on gold. Price pulled back 1.5% below $1950 and approaches the local lows of March 21/22 and 38.2 Fibonacci retracement of the last upward wave.

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