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Ripple (XRP) Surges


Cryptocurrencies are rebounding today despite the still-uncertain news about the conflict between the CFTC and the Binance exchange. Among all the projects, Ripple (XRP) stands out again. Fintech company Ripple will hold a closed-door consultation with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on March 30. The market took the news of the warring parties meeting in court as a signal of a potential settlement. Bringing it about would be a victory for the entire decentralized finance sector in the States. It would undermine the SEC’s decision-making role and reduce the fear of the prospect of restrictions proposed by Gary Gensler. 

  • Ripple is cited by many analysts as one of the future foundations of a digital financial infrastructure based on blockchain technology. For example, recently Ripple’s blockchain was able to process a $755 million transaction, in 4 seconds, for a fee of tenths of a dollar (0.01 XRP). By the crypto market, the company is seen as a major competitor to the interbank market, which charges high commissions for processing international transfers;
  • Iron Key Capital analysts point to Ripple as a winner in the multi-billion dollar global payments market. In addition to Ripple itself, cryptocurrencies Stellar and Algorand are also gaining today. Both of them, along with Ripple, have been pointed out as being integrated into the new ISO20022 international settlement standard. This system will replace the SWIFT standard in the coming years. Ripple’s victory with the SEC is expected by Ark Invest fund manager CathieWood, among others;
  • The next few weeks may bring a ‘rally under the event’ in the price of Ripple tokens. A similar course of events is characteristic of the crypto market at the same time as it often ends in a sell-off (profit realization, so-called ‘fact selling’, as the decisive moment is very close. This was the case, among others, with the price of Cardano, which implemented smart contract technology in September 2021, and Ethereum Merge, in the summer of 2022.

The largest holders of Ripple so called ‘whales’ have increased their buying activity in view of the upcoming SEC decision. Source: Santiment

Ripple chart, D1 interval. The price has overcome the key resistance near $0.55, set by previous price reactions. The chart, which resembles a technical saucer formation, may indicate a more permanent reversal of the downward trend. Source: xStation5

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